One of the things that you should have in your bucket list is ensuring that you visit a historic pub before you reach a certain age or die. There are many things to do and learn about these kinds of pubs. Welcome to, a website dedicated to writing about historical pubs in the UK and the kind of services they provide. Our articles have been written by people who are passionate about historical pubs and those who have visited these pubs and are sharing their experience. On this site, you will find all the information you need about historical pubs and where to find one if you are in the UK.

Historical Pubs Across UK

In this section, you will find a list of some of the most popular pubs in the UK. We provide info on some of the oldest pubs such as Prospect of Whitby, Clachan Inn, and Adam and Eve. We do a review of these pubs, what makes them popular and some of the unique features that you will find when you visit them. We also do a comparison of some of these historical pubs to the modern pubs and flesh out the main differences that you will find when you step into a historical pub. We also add a twist to the list by giving you a list of some of the old historical pubs that the general public believes are haunted. If you enjoy a little spookiness, then the list will be fun for you.

What to Do in Historical Pubs

Do you find yourself wondering what to do when you get into a pub? Well, we have the options for you. There is a growing number of young people who are getting stressed and are looking for ways to unwind. Going to a pub can be a welcome relief for most people. Our site gives you options of what you can do in a historical pub other than drinking alcohol or eating. Such options include catching up with your emails or playing a game on your phone.

Finding Historical Pubs

As much as the idea of going to a historical pub might be fascinating, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to settle on a good site. We give you pointers on where to get historical pubs if you are in the UK, and tips on how to find the right pub.

Consider this website your one stop place to find all the information on historical pubs in the UK. No matter how old you are, and what your interests are, you will find something that will spike your interest and make you want to visit a historical pub. You will also understand what makes historical pubs stand out.