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Japanese-influenced pickled eggs have X-factor at pub event

The winner of the Griffin pub’s Eggs Factor 2009 Championship has been announced as Julie Wait, with her sushi rice vinegar and ginger pickled eggs.

The Frome pub was full to the brim on Easter Sunday with punters eagerly awaiting the judging and crowning of the winner of this new competition.

The panel of judges featured Frome town’s crier Mike Bishop, local Far Que punk legend Badger, musician Griff Daniels and Frank the dog, who all needed to consume a fair amount of ale to wash down the not-aways delightful dishes of pickled eggs.

The judges narrowed the 30 finalists, and the overall winner was judged on label design, smell, appearance and taste.

Charlie Thomas, manager of the pub and compeition organiser, said: ” The day was a huge success; with everyone tasting the eggs after the competition had finished.  All the proceedsfrom the competition went to Dorothy House Hospice.  Live music was provided by The  Little Musgraves, and the real-ale suasges on the barbecue were a real hit with the revellers.”

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Eggs Factor judges and winner

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