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Band gets into gear for Griffin gig by motoring on to major Mojo CD

Frome-based band The Bad Detectives, who play the Griffin on Saturday at 8pm, will have one of their tracks featured on a CD which has been handed out to everyone at this year’s Mojo Music Awards.

The band have had their song Ford Capri, from their first album, selected by The Ford Motor Company who sponsors this year’s Mojo Music Awards for a promotional CD.

The band is understandably delighted as is independent record producer Alan Wilson, former founder member of the neo-rockabilly band the Sharks, who owns and runs the Western Star Recording Company at Paulton.

Alan, who produces the band, said: “Ford licensed the track from me and put it on a CD of all songs about Fords, which they handed out free at the award ceremony to all the 1,000 or so celebrities, rockstars and so on.

“They also gave away 500 to motoring journalists around Europe.

“It’s all happening so fast. The guys are over the moon!”

Asked how the band had felt after hearing their song had been picked to go on the CD, band member, Paul Tozer, said: “Well, we’re always amazed when things like this happen, especially at this point in our career.

“We are hoping that it will encourage Henry to write more songs with product placement in them, we want to get ourselves on an advert and retire.”

The band, which has been going in various incarnations since 1976, with the present line-up existing since around 1995, consists of Ivan Bojczuk on bass, Henry Hutton on guitar and vocals, Andy Stradling on harmonica, organ, melodeon and vocals, Paul Tozer on guitar and vocals, and Chris Woodland on drums.

Asked how they got involved with Western Star, Paul said: “Well, Andy had been over to Western Star a few times to add some harmonica to a few sessions and in 2004 we’d got a little bit of money together, so Alan suggested we write some songs and get over to record them.

“We all really enjoyed those sessions and we had a lot in common with Alan’s interests, so Western Star became our musical home from there on in, we’ve got more than 60 songs under our belt now.

“What’s great about Western Star is that we can just relax and mess about with different ideas and make lots of mistakes without getting self conscious or getting into that snobby muso attitude that can rear its ugly head in some studio environments.

“We basically feel at home there and Alan is a really good studio engineer and producer too, he somehow gets a sound that many bigger and more expensive studios can’t get.

“He has been amazing, without him we wouldn’t have got the three albums out, any of the compilations, or the DVD with three promo videos on it, which has been released all over the world.

“He got us a play on Steve Lamaq’s show on Radio 2, and regular airplay on Geoff Barkers rock ‘n’ roll radio show. He even got us on ITV news when they used our track Surfing On The Severn Bore when covering the Seven Bore.

“Last December, we had our song Cadillac Under My Christmas Tree on a compilation given away with the alternative interest magazine Bizarre called Black Christmas.

“We all contribute when working n song, but Henry writes the majority of the lyrics … but I don’t know where he gets his ides from – he’s mental.

“If you thought there was some odd subject matter on the first two albums, wait until you hear the new one.”

So what should fans expect from a Bad Detectives’ live show?

“Hopefully people get an idea how much fun this is for us,” said Paul.

“You have to remember that we only do this because it’s a laugh, anything that doesn’t look like it will be a laugh, we don’t do – there would be no point.

“The third album is recorded, so we’re hoping to get that out as soon as possible.

“We’re always gigging, so check our website,, for details.”

Admission to the Griffin gig is free. Under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Ros Anstey

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