The Jurassic Coast is located in the South West of England and contains counties such as Devon and Dorset. It is a haven for fans of microbrews and pubs with local charm.


Cellar 59, Lyme Regis

This establishment has the largest beer menu in the seaside town of Lyme Regis. They offer hand-pumped cask ales and craft beers from regular kegs. Cellar 59 is located in a quaint 17th-century building which has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. Their monthly Beer Club educates the public on craft beer making. They also hold fun beer tasting sessions.

The Pursuit of Hoppiness, Bridport

Housed within a striking Georgian building, this relatively new pub sells craft beers that have been made by local microbreweries. They have limited seating and patrons will have to put up with standing up during busy days. Despite this, The Pursuit of Hoppiness is worth visiting if people want to sample unique, town made beverages and ales.

The Anchor, Seatown

The Anchor can be found near Golden Cap, the Jurassic Coast’s highest cliff. Their main drink is beer made by the award-winning local brewer, Palmers. Patrons will get to soak in the beautiful sea views. The famous West Bay is fairly close by. So too is Bridport, Lyme Regis and Charmouth.

Micro Breweries

Lyme Regis Brewery

This beer maker has a good variety ranging from golden to dark. They name their products after local landmarks, such as the Cobb wall. Visitors can try out each beer and choose the ones they like best. Box sets containing a customised selection of beers are available.

Dorset Brewing Company Ales

Established in 1995, the Weymouth based company has risen to become one of the local area’s biggest brewers. They are now able to craft one and a half million pints annually. Their most popular beers include Chesil, Jurassic, Durdle Door and Flashman’s Clout.

Local Festivals

If visitors want to experience a selection of different microbrews all under one roof, it is worth going to a local festival. Every year there are several events celebrating beer and ale within the Jurassic Coast. All of the bigger towns such as Lyme, Bridport and Charmouth hold at least one annual beer festival. Locals often like to give each beverage a score to determine the very best one. These events are also ideal places to meet the brewers and learn more about their methods and techniques.