The explosion of unique microbreweries across the UK over the last decade has proved that beer connoisseurs are always on the lookout for something new. Craft beer is at the height of its popularity, and historic pubs are often the place to find a quality drink. Here are some of the most popular microbreweries and their products. If you’re in luck, these breweries usually will offer joined promotions with online gaming companies for an added effect, Unibet free spins being one of the more famous ones.

Wood Brewery Limited

This brewery prides itself on being a family enterprise, producing just 80 barrels per week. Being based in the South Shropshire Hills, it comes as no surprise that one of its most popular products is Shropshire Lad. It has its own pub right next door called the Brewery Tap, which also features its tasty ales in its steak and kidney pies. The Craven Arms in Shropshire is another historic pub which serves the malty beers to their demanding customers, looking for the best quality ales.

Ballards Brewery

Ballards is one of the longer established microbreweries, having begun in 1980. However, it still only produces 40 barrels per week of its award-winning beer. Based in West Sussex, they actually specialise in creating one of a kind brews for special occasions, even producing individual labels for their bottled beers when requested to do so.

Kelham Island Brewery

Sheffield’s oldest current brewery, Kelham Island, is renowned for its products such as Pale Rider and Easy Rider, often found in historic pubs across the country. Their unique selling point is actually the fact that their beers are crafted without any sugar. Its products were always available at the Tap & Tankard, a pub with a great history, which used to be a rock music bar, but unfortunately, closed in 2018. Not too far away is the Benjamin Huntsman which is more than happy to serve Kelham Island beers.

Other microbreweries to discover, include Rooster’s Brewery, Darwin, Ossett Brewery, Milk Street Brewery and Empire Brewing. Many of the beers are served in historic pubs, with the atmosphere and ambience adding to the pleasure. So, for anybody looking for a delicious beer, handcrafted with care in a microbrewery, the UK is undoubtedly the best place to begin your search.