The UK boasts of having some of the oldest and most historic pubs in the world. Whether you are a tourist or you live in the UK, you should plan to visit these pubs, so that you get a unique experience. Some of the historic pubs in the UK are as follows.

The Clachan Inn

Located in Scotland, this establishment is regarded as the oldest pub which is registered in the country. It was licensed in 1734. Over the years, it has maintained the integrity and design of the building. Its location near Galloway Forest Park makes it a preferred choice for most tourists. This award-winning pub is known for the delicious food it offers, and the authentic beer it provides. It won the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) beer award in 2019. The reviews on this pub are mostly positive, with people complimenting the decor and good service.

Prospect of Whitby Pub

This historic pub is found on the banks of the Thames. Established in 1520, historians claim that this is the oldest riverside pub in London. It was formerly known as the Pelican, and later the name changed to the Devil’s Tavern, before taking up the name of Prospect of Whitby. It has appeared in many films and movies, and it remains one of the most visited locations in London.

Ye Olde Man and Scythe Pub

Located on Churchgate in Bolton, Ye Olde Man and Scythe is said to have been established in 1251, making it one of the oldest pubs in England. The pub has kept a chair which was used by the seventh Earl of Derby, which he used to sit on before he was executed outside the premises in 1651. Even though the pub has gone through a lot of reconstructions, it has maintained the old feel.

The Adam and Eve

This is the oldest pub in Norwich, and it is also considered to be one of the oldest ones in the country, having been built in 1249. This historic pub has made a name for itself by serving traditional British food and for the wide variety of drinks which it offers. They also add live musical performances and comedy acts to their services, making it an exciting place to unwind in the evening.

White Hart Inn

This is considered to be London’s oldest pub. The records in history show that this pub got the first license in 1216. The pub is known for the variety of foods which it offers and the friendly ambience. It is a great place to grab a beer and to meet friends. They also have a provision for private hire for people who are looking for a place to have some alone time or to hold a meeting.